Happy New Year Round Up - 5 Most Popular Candle Tip Posts From 2017

Happy New Year Round Up - 5 Most Popular Improvement Posts

Happy New Year, everyone!!

It's officially time to take down the trees, halt the Christmas music, and start on those promises that only seem to make it through part of the year. 

It's also a time for reflection on the year past. You know, to purge the things we didn't like, so we can do better in this promising new year. Right?

So in the name of reflecting and improving, here's a round up of 5 of our most popular posts over  2017.

Astonishing Reasons Your Candles Are Losing Scent

Don't Toss It! What To Do With Your Leftover Wax

Why Candles Burn A Hole Down the Middle (Tunnel) and What You Can Do About It

The Pros and Cons of Soy Wax

Exploding Candles: The Why, How, And What to Look Out For


Thank you for reading and supporting our family business last year. We look forward to a year of improvements and crazy fun in 2018!

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