Five Reasons You'll Love Our New Autumn Line

Five Reasons You'll Love Our New Autumn Line

5 Reasons You'll Love Our New Product Line

Hey, everyone. We've been really enjoying all of the preparations for our up and coming fall line. It's been so crazy that we've forgotten to eat on so many occasions, I can't even begin to count! I know, that's not exactly healthy, but I really want to give you a sense of how we've been doing here. 

So, straight to the point. You may want to know exactly what we're doing and why you should even care, right? Well, here are five reasons I know you're going to love our new Autumn product line. 

Not Your Neighbor's Decor

Traditional decor is wonderful. In fact, I absolutely love a beautiful wreath to adorn my front door, but everyone on the block has also has a beautiful wreath adorning their front door. These creations won't be something your neighbor has!

An Experience

You'll experience autumn in a unique way. The look, the aromas, the feeling of autumn has been captured in each of our creations to bring you a complete autumn experience.


We've developed a simple, yet beautiful, product line that was designed to add a lovely touch of character and comfort to your home. So, if you're not a Trendy Wendy, you'll love the simplicity of this line. Simple is simply spectacular!



Each piece that we designed was created to bring you lovely fragrance along with simplistic charm. Any piece you choose will make a statement in just about any room you decide to use it.


We created all of our  accent pieces for easy placement. Just put them where you need a lift in your space and you have a no fuss, easy decorative piece that's ready to take your autumn decor up a notch.

For more info and sneak peeks on our new product line, join our VIP Fakery Club here. We'll be having lots of pre-launch treats during the week. Also, check out our new sneak peek video on YouTube, below.

See you there!

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