Discovering Complexity of Candle Aromas and How They're Beyond A Simple Scent

Discovering Complexity of Candle Aromas and How They're Beyond A Simple Scent

Did you know that your preferred fragrance can give a glimpse into your personality? It's true. Fragrance can give little hints about you.

Aroma can be very simple or complex, and it can also uncover your personal fragrance style

Candle fragrances are usually blends of multiple layers of aroma that intermingle with one another to give one total experience. Often, we pop open a lid, take a whiff and make a decision about whether or not we like a candle aroma.

Unfortunately, this isn't quite fair to our senses.


During the covid quarantine, we lost the opportunity to walk into a store and smell candles. We had to read product descriptions and our collective senses to imagine the aromas.

This wasn't a bad thing because, as I said, candle fragrances can be complex. A pumpkin pie candle will be much more than pumpkin and vanilla. It will have top notes, middle notes, and bases that give the candle depth and keep the scent wafting in the air. It's the reason your candles will smell "different" when you first light it, but will become richer after a lengthy burning session. The quarantine sort of forced us to use our senses in a way that we didn't before.

Colonial Candle Cashmere Cedar Candle burning in a gold scroll holder beside a stack of antique books

My Colonial Candle in Cashmere Cedar, scent gives a beautiful description that my candle is layered with cedar, spice, amber, and oriental wood. This isn't even all of what this beauty gives. It's complex with long lasting fragrance notes that hold it down in a room. 

So how do we know how to pick a good candle without smelling it?

I've shared some info here.

Enjoy your day!

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