The Morning After Cherry Cheesecake

Hey there, Guys. After a weekend of sunshine and dessert, I'm kind of glad to get a chance to use the business of the week to break from the sweets. From December to April, we have a birthday every month. Two of those months we have three birthdays in the same month, and after that's all over, there's National Cherry Cheesecake Day on April 23rd. I mean, that's my favorite cheesecake. At any rate, this weekend was definitely a fattening weekend so I'm going for a straight water detox week with infused cucumber mint water.


Homemade cherry cheesecake


This cheesecake inspired me to create the most darling little wax shots. The fragrance blend for these was very carefully calculated because we wanted a really nice blend that wasn't too fruity but had that nice, creamy cream cheese aroma going on as well.  This one is still setting so you can see here that it looks a bit wet around the sides.

Cherry Cheesecake Scented Wax Shots

We also marbled them a bit to make them look more like little swirled cheesecakes from the sides. We chose to do them like this rather than have it look like cherry filling was on top simply because the melts are so small that placing cherries on top would have been too bulky and less attractive, overall. The marbling actually worked out so that you got some of that cheesecake look without the cup looking bulky. 

If you're interested in finding out more about our wax shots and how they perform, we've been running tests in our Facebook group. You can see what some of our testers have to say about them here. If you're really feeling the cherry cheesecake thing (like me), try kicking it up a notch with this recipe for chocolate cherry cheesecake by Pillsbury. It's serious!  




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