Explore Our Newest Line of Bakery Fresh Scents

After a cold week, last week, we finally have a bit of warm weather here. I have to say that I'm more than happy to see warm weather after what's seemed like a prolonged winter season. I'm also happy to welcome those lighter, fresher fragrances that make me think spring.  

We've just welcomed some pretty cool scents to our line, and we're pretty excited about them because they're about as spring as it gets when it comes to fabulous dessert aromas wafting through your space. Here they are: 

  1. Cotton Candy Bubblegum  - perfectly spun strawberry pink cotton candy combined with the sweet aroma of "Bubblicious."
  2. Squealing Pig Cupcake – the savory blend of bacon combined with the sweetness of maple sugar and buttercream frosting.
  3. Bread and Blackberry Jam – freshly baked bread and sweet smothered in sweet blackberry.
  4. Banana Rum Cupcake – caramelized sugar, bananas, and hot buttered rum with notes of sweet cake and yummy buttercream.
  5. Lemon Squares & Graham – tart and sweet lemon square dessert with a buttery graham cracker crust

I hope you'll stop by and try out one of our newest additions. Also, if you would be interested in testing out some of the scents that we're working on, please stop by our Facebook group and sign up. We're always concocting something here, and looking for people to give feedback.  


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