Hot New Wax Melts and Cupcake Candle Giveaway Winner

It's April Fool's Day, ya'll, and today I've been laying low trying to stay away from anyone who could catch me off guard. We spent the week preparing lots of new scent shot scents, many that fit into that layered category that I talked about in my previous post. I've been posting the new shots over on the Facebook group where it's all about bakery candles, pies, more giveaways, and just pleasant conversation. If you haven't already, stop by and join us.

Now, it's time to announce the Facebook Page giveaway. I promised that I'd announce the winner here, and it's no April Fool. I'd like to congratulate Barbara Walker on winning the jumbo cupcake candle. We'll be getting that out to her plus a few extra goodies for her to try out.

rootbeer float wax scent shots

Rootbeer Float Wax Scent Shots

If you're interested in becoming a scent shot tester for some of our new scents, sign up here. Meanwhile, have a happy April Fool's Day (what's left of it). Also a warning, be very careful of fake food. We've been selling quite a bit of it and we just want to warn our lovely customers to keep an eye out for fakery goods that look like you can eat them. Trust me. They're 100% inedible despite their looks, but they could be anywhere (hehehehe).

Happy April Fool's Day!

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