Screaming Spring In Your Dessert, Your Home, and Your Fashion

Happy Spring!! With the end of winter comes brighter colors, florals and busy patterns. It’s a great time to refresh both yourself, your wardrobe, and your home from the more rich (and sometimes even mundane) colors of the colder seasons. Well, ever since Pantone released the color of 2016, it’s been Rose Quartz and Serenity everywhere!

If you’re unfamiliar with “pantone,” it usually refers to a standardized color matching system. It utilizes a numbering system that identifies colors. With standardized colors, different companies that manufacture various products usually refer to a color that is pantone-numbered. This gives them the assurance that colors tend to match without directly contacting each other. The most popular referenced colors are those that belong to Pantone’s solid palette which is comprised of 1,114 colors. This year, the pantone color is actually two colors, rose quartz and serenity, and, my friends, they are all over the place.

Honestly, these colors make it really easy for me to get into spring. I get that the colors demonstrate inherent and sheer balance between cool tranquil blue and warm rose tone, but I have to say that in the dessert candle arena, it’s screaming cotton candy!  

Cotton Candy Wax Melts

Pantone Colors in the Field of Fashion

Today, consumers enjoy using pantone colors to express themselves. With pantone colors, the generation of the judged or typecasts has been degraded. In short, pantone colors have opened everyone’s eyes to use colors in different approaches.


Rose Quartz Serenity Decor photo by Photo by Arte de Vie

Photo by Arte de Vie Courtesy of Inside Weddings


Pantone Colors in the Field of Home Décor

With the popularity of rose quartz and serenity, manufacturers of home decorators are able to come up with a multitude of décor ideas and concepts. The blending of these two colors and the shades that are related to it simply gives a gorgeous hue to every room. I mean, something as simple as painting a door of a room can add a subtle, yet effective touch. Other ideas may be adding a vase filled with pink roses or peonies, blue hydrangeas or muscari that will add an elegant and subtle touch of these colors to your room. If you’re looking to do something a bit more substantial, you could also opt to add a few new chairs in rose quartz and serenity. Overall, I’d say the pantone colors of the year simply are lovely shades to enhance the home during this refreshing time of the year or every room of your house.


Rose Quartz Serenity Pantone 2015 - Wedding Cake
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth's Cake Emporium


Pantone Colors and Desserts

The fact is that even in the field of culinary, pantone colors are highly recognized by cooks, bakers and chefs. With pantone colors, these culinary experts can come up with desserts that are truly enticing, and these colors are very workable during the spring and summer months. Think wedding colors. These colors would make an absolutely beautiful display for a wedding. As for desserts, there’s ice cream, for an instance, that can make use of pantone colors (again, I’m thinking cotton candy and now even bubble gum). Also think pink strawberry, raspberry, and baby blue -blueberry flavors expressed in beautiful dessert styles. I can see this as a truly exciting way to enjoy desserts after your main course. Makes me want to run to the kitchen and start baking!

Colors simply play a very important role in bringing attention. It’s a fact that people notice color. Enjoy them either in your clothing line, home decor and even on your desserts!

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