5 Fragrances that Smell Success

Fragrances Smell Success Words

Fragrances provide an abundant feast for the senses, having a variety effects on different people. We use scents in so many ways and associate them with many things. The smell of cookies baking in the oven may remind you of grandma's home while that new car smell may remind you of when you bought that car you loved so much. It's the nature of olfaction.  

Now, imagine that one of those effects that fragrances can have was enhancing productivity, one of the key elements of success? In fact, there are several fragrances that have been known to motivate success and boost the activity of the human brain towards successful ventures. Go figure. Scented candles with these very motivating aromas could be just what you need to smell success.


mochaccino coffee cupcake candle

Mochaccino Cupcake Candle

Top Scents that Inspire Success

So... which scents are the ones that help motivate performance and stimulate the mind for better productivity. Here are five of the top choices of fragrance that have “money” and “success” affixed to their aromatic effects:


What else but the smell of crisp, clean dollar bills would smell success? The essence of money will not only set the mood for improving productivity, if you're buying it in candle form, the empowerment of feeling that you have money to burn may just be addicting. If you're not familiar with how the scent of money made one man a pretty well off guy, take a look at Pat McCarthy's story here.


The smell of herbaceous rosemary is known to give a feeling of confidence and energy, stimulating the mind and making it more open to new ideas. (I think I'll have to try this one with my husband.) It's also a good motivation stimulator.

Strong Coffee

The scent of strong coffee is one of the best known perker uppers. Many of us start the day with a fresh brewed cup of java, but it's that welcoming aroma that opens our eyes before we even take our first sip. Strong coffee scent encourages determination and "can do" attitude. Try our mochaccino cupcake candle (shown above) or our snicker's coffee candle for a lift.

Cedarwood Vanilla

Cedarwood, blended with vanilla, is the perfect scent for inspiration and motivation to be the best that you can be. Cedarwood vanilla relieve feelings of depression, stress, fear, and anxiety. It is the scent of a perennially optimistic outlook in life with focus on harmony and relaxation. 

Nest's Sicilian Tangerine Candle

Nest's Sicilian Classic Candle

Tangerine, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint

Okay, I know, that's three. But I couldn't resist. Tangerine is great for motivation, but all three of these scents can improve mental focus and discipline. Nest's Sicilian Tangerine Classic line is a great choice for capturing the senses. 

Fragrances are amazing tools for success and productivity. Motivate yourself through your senses with fabulous aromas blended in unique ways. Indulge in scents that spell success.

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