Can Chocolate Scents Actually Curb Chocolate Cravings?

With Valentine's Day not far behind us, there have been a barrage of advertisements emphasizing luscious chocolates that many of us don't really need to put near our lips. But as a woman and a lover of delicious chocolate, myself, sometimes I can't resist getting my hands on those chocolate covered pean turtles. I'm the person who'll stand in the store aisle giving chocolate the stare down until that little voice in my head gets loud enough for me to hear it saying, " Walk away. Just walk away." 

With my chocolate cravings in full swing, I find it annoying to deprive myself, so I may just grab a Hershey's with Almonds to keep myself from binging. But, as soon as I've eaten it, I'm thinking about how I wish I could have resisted altogether. According to a 2009 article in the New York Times, with scent manipulation, you may just be able to curb those cravings without giving in.

If you have a strong liking for chocolate, like I do, then you can indulge yourself with its sweet-smelling fragrance without adding up to your waistline. Yes, that’s right! You don't have to completely give up chocolate. In fact, I can't sayy that I'm ready to make any challenging promises there. But, chocolates are known for their high-calorie content and if I can curb my binges with luscious chocolate scents of different variety, I may just be able to keep extra calories away. What waist watcher wouldn't like the sound of that?

Smelling: An Effective Way to Reduce Your Weight

Fact is that chocolate is a delicious treat and can be consumed anytime and anywhere. It's a favorite treat of young and old people from all across the globe. But studies have shown that an excessive consumption of chocolate actually can add up to your weight. So, an opportunity to enjoy the scent of your favorite treat without infusing it to your body makes me excited.

According to experts, odor molecules pass through the nostrils and to the olfactory. These molecules are known to affect the satiety center of the brain that gives the signal that you have had enough to eat. It is also these molecules that cause hormone release, giving you a sense or feeling of fullness even before the stomach signals you to “stop eating.” I actually have another post about how these signnals can even affect our memories.

At any rate, experts say that we can actually to fool our brains. Meaning that we can put our brains into action, and trick them into thinking that we have already consumed more than what we ought to have. As a result, we should get that feeling of satisfaction without actually eating much. And as a bonus, we can simply enjoy your favorite food anytime, anywhere, which I have to say sold me!

Various Chocolate Scents You Can Enjoy All the Time

The following are some variants of chocolate scents that you can enjoy most of the time that may save you from those extra calories:

Brownie – Indulge yourself with the sweet and delicious scent of freshly-baked brownies with brownie chocolate scent. This brownie scent gives you more enjoyment because it gives the smell of a brownie that’s smothered in hot fudge sauce with a hint of vanilla.

Chocolate Bar –Do you love the smell of a chocolate bar? Today, chocolate bars can now be enjoyed without actually eating them. They come in different forms that you can enjoy anytime of the day.

Chocolate Raspberry – A piece of chocolate simply smells good but such sweetness becomes even more palatable and inviting when blended with raspberry scent. Today you can enjoy the combination of chocolate and raspberry in one irresistible package – the chocolate raspberry scent.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry – With this scent, you can enjoy the smell of a strawberry dipped in chocolate. Now that’s mouthwatering without actually eating it.

Peanut Butter Cup – Peanut butter cup is one of the most popular treats of young and old folks. You can now enjoy its candy and milk chocolate over creamy peanut butter filling scent in just a single package.

Chocolate Churros – Churros are long sugar-coated doughnuts that are served with a cup of chocolate and cinnamon. Enjoy its sweet and indulging scent in just a single package.

Chocolate Banana Cream Pie – Do you love the smell of a freshly-made chocolate banana cream pie? Enjoy the scent of this pie with a touch of chocolate in just a single package.

Have you tried chocolate scents to curb your cravings? 








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