This Week's Popular Pick and a Giveaway

This Week's Popular Pick and a Giveaway

I sure hope you've had a great week. I can't help but thing that before I began my candle business, I couldn't tell one day from the next. I didn't really appreciate Fridays as much as I do now, probably because I really could get lost in our household duties. Almost a decade later, I think I look forward to Fridays just as much as many other working folks out there. I have to say that I take my weekends to relax with my family and unwind from the business of the week.

That said, it's been a month since I introduced the idea to highlight a popular pick of the week from our shop. So to sort of continue that (after a long, unanticipated break), I have a new pick for this week, our Jumbo Cupcake Candle in Cookies and Cream.

This candle is about 16 ounces of wax that burns much like any pillar candle, straight down with a pool in the center and drips down the side of the candle. 

Our data is showing that customers are loving this candle because it's a larger version of a cupcake and gives more burn time (up to 100 hours). The fragrance is smooth vanilla buttercream and rich chocolate that has become quite popular with customers during this winter season. 

Most of our customers admit to getting these cupcake candles to give away as gifts, but we've had a few who have used them in themes for parties. Sooo...we thought it would make a perfect giveaway, ourselves. So one of our followers will be randomly picked to enjoy one of these candle treats. All you have to do is enter click the link below, follow the instructions, and you're in it to win it. Enjoy!


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12 commentaires

Thanks for the chance! :)

Yesenia Salgado

This is a great giveaway! Thanks!

vicki lorenz

This candle looks good enough to eat.

Susan Smith

I love candles.


It looks yummy. I’m not sure I wouldn’t be tempted to eat it though!


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