6 Farmhouse Decor - Simple Ideas That Will Make You Unique

6 Farmhouse Decor - Simple Ideas That Will Make You Unique

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The farmhouse decor trend has been sweeping people away with its shiplap, Rae Dunn, and chippy paint. Everyone and their cousin Amy is watching Joanna Gaines' every move and heading over to shop Magnolia. 

Decor and craft stores are filling up their shelves with mass produced, modern farmhouse decor that emulates, well, everything else that's been seen.

How do you jump on board without looking like a big old copy cat? Here are 6 Farmhouse Decor - Simple Ideas That Will Make You Unique.


1. Remember, Home Is Not A Bunch Of Signs
Your home is filled with the uniqueness of you and your family. The vibes that your home brings is one that can't come from any other home, or any particular sign. That's the most important element of creating the home that you want and love. My grandma never needed a sign over her living room to make us feel a sense of warmth. It was her special touches, her love, and her food that brought us together. You really don't need to hang a "Gather" sign in the dining room. Just put out the warm welcome (and a little food won't hurt) and people will gather.

2.  Go For Pieces That You Love
Just because you don't see a particular element in another farmhouse style kitchen, doesn't mean that it's not something that won't work in yours. Every kitchen/home should reflect the person or people who live there. So, if you see that cast iron pot that you love and you're afraid to hang it on the wall because you haven't seen on on an Instagram account you follow, go for it anyway! It's that touch of you.

3. Go For Pieces That Are Unique
As I said, many of the decor pieces that you see around are mass produced. They're everywhere! It doesn't mean you shouldn't buy them, but if your goal is to add that special element of YOU to your home and not look like an @farmhousehomegirl dupe (I don't even know if that's a real account - just made it up), then start looking at custom pieces, handmade accent options that don't look like you just hopped on the Hobby Lobby train.

4. If You Buy Mass Produced, Make It Your Own
Look. There are some items you're just gonna love regardless of whether they're in a bazillion other kitchens. If you love it that much, make it yours! Just do a little something different with it. For example, if you have to have that "Gather" sign, why not surround it with pictures of your family around the sign. Just an example. You could get that galvanized bucket and fill it with a ton of silk flowers and/or burlap or French fabric rolls, It could be whatever you love that you could change out with the season. Flowers always add great little, inexpensive pops of color around the house. It's all about taking a thing and doing something else with it to make it your own!

5. Work With Your Walls
Muted colors and shiplap are a huge part of making a modern farmhouse theme, but what about wall PAPER?? Wall paper, done nicely, is a lovely way to add a distinct touch to your walls. In fact, real farmhouse owners use wallpaper and don't think twice! Why? Because they're really on a stinking farm and they don't have time to care about chasing the whole "trend" thing. If you really like farmhouse decor, try looking at the individuality displayed in the folks who really have farmhouses. That's inspo!

6. Splurge A Little - Save A Little
Be prepared to splurge a little on the beautiful unique things that you love, but also shop thrift stores and antique shops to find those extra special touches to add to your decor. Thrifting and antiquing are some of my most favorite things to do in my home decor. You'd be amazed at what you can pick up at a thrift store. An old, vintage mirror, a cute little table to display your favorite vase of flowers. The possibilities are endless!

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