6 Easy Products To Prep Your Home For Spring and a Brand New Collection Coming Soon

6 Easy Products To Prep Your Home For Spring and a Brand New Collection Coming Soon

We’ll be saying goodbye to winter and hello to spring soon, so it's time to start thinking about freshening up our homes. Spring is the perfect time for a deep clean and declutter. It's also a great time to add some new pieces to your home decor, but first things first. 

6 Easy Products To Prep Your Home For Spring and a Brand New Collection Coming Soon Pin

Deep cleaning and Decluttering

We all know that feeling of finally emerging from our winter hibernation, when the sun starts to shine and the birds start to sing. After being cooped up indoors for months, there is nothing quite like getting some fresh air and spring cleaning our homes. Some of my most favorite cleaners are those that are non-toxic but do some amazing cleaning. Here are a few of my favorites:

CLR - Everything from the oven cleaner to their Everyday Cleaner is fabulous.




Grove Collaborative - Their products are a little pricey in comparison to some others (for the size), but they’re a solid clean brand. I’ve enjoyed their dish soaps and they also carry Method labels, which are pretty good.

Dr. Bronner - These guys are good for face, body, hair and, yes, home cleaning. I keep Dr. Bronner products stocked because it’s so good and it’s made with castile soap. The smell is amazing and the clean is fab!

Next up is organizing. Here are my favorite helps for keeping things organized at home.

Ikea - The closest Ikea to me is over an hour away, but it's still one of my favorite places to get storage systems. From canisters and bins to shelves and drawers, Ikea is perfect for the minimalist, the farmhouse, and even the grandeur decorist.

Honey Can Do - Is also a good option for shelves and bins. They also have a selection of carts (as does Ikea) and their prices are very reasonable. I have a wardrobe piece and baskets purchased in 2021 that's still going strong.




The Container Store - If you've never walked into a physical location of The Container Store, it's like walking into a organized dream. Again, similar offerings as Ikea and Honey Can Do, but there's a specialized concentration on just simply making everything in your home look well...organized. Warning. Pricing can be a little higher in this store.

Adding New Decor Pieces

So now that we’ve tackled cleaning, let’s talk decor pieces. As the weather gets warmer and nature starts to bloom, it can be fun to add new pieces to our home decor. Spring is a great time of year to do this, as there are so many fresh and vibrant colors and patterns available. To help get you to think spring, we're releasing some elegant and springy pieces that we can’t wait to show you.

Macarons in pastel colors with pink flowers

With a focus on enjoyment and decadence, in spring 2023, you can expect pieces that will bring also cool tones and an elegant presentation to your decor. Stay tuned for the launch date announcement coming soon.

What's your favorite thing about spring? Tell us in the comments.

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