Soy Wax Designs

Soy Wax Designs: The Different Designs for Your Soy Wax Candles

People are used to using candles for different occasions but many of them are not very attentive to the composition of candle they are burning. For example, sometimes you may burn a candle and see a black, sooty substance coming from the wick, or you may even find that your fixtures or ornaments have acquired some sense of black soot on it. Well, that is very common in a paraffin based candle. Paraffin can also give you a burned chemical undertone that may hinder the true fragrance of the candle or give it an “off” aroma. Since paraffin candles are known to be petroleum-based, when burned, they’re more likely to release that petroleum. This is arguably a health concern, particularly when you have respiratory issues.

Soy Wax Candles: an Excellent Alternative to Paraffin Wax Candles

If you want to avoid any of the potential harm that is brought about by burning paraffin wax candles, using a candle that is made from soy wax is a perfect alternative that you should try. For many years now, soy wax has simply become very popular when it comes to making candles that are health-friendly. This is because soy waxes are known for their non-toxic and natural characteristics. On account to this burning soy wax candles does not put you in a situation wherein you will be worrying about inhaling toxic chemicals and fumes. Although soy wax candles are known to be a bit more expensive than traditional paraffin candles, rest assured that it is worth the money that you will be spending for them. This is because soy wax candles last two times longer than paraffin wax candles.

Soy Wax Candles: the Various Designs

 If you wish to make use of soy wax candles in your home then you need to know that such kinds of candles usually come in different designs which include the following:

Floating Candles – This type of design gives a magical touch to any occasion such as a dinner, wedding, or a seasonal event. It offers a more appealing look when it is positioned to float in a clear bowl that also contains some flowers. This design can be easily done at home and you can also add scent for an added appeal.

Wax Melts – This is a flameless type of soy wax candle that can boost even the largest room in your home. It usually comes in the form of cubes that offer true-to-life fragrance – filling an entire room with a scent you simply love. Wax melts scents come in a variety of choices.

Whipped Candles – These candles are popular with the introduction of cake candles, pie candles and the various applications with gels. The wax simply gives a whipped appearance that is relatively easy to make. You may also want to put it in your beer mug to give that frothy look.

Dripping Color Jars Candles - This is a very popular design for soy wax candles. It may look plain and white from the outside but the moment it starts melting, layers of brilliant and vivid colors are revealed. This one simply works best if you want something magical and fancy but real to behold while enjoying your room with a lighted candle.

These are some of the most popular designs that you can create for your soy wax candles. Now that you know about all of these great options, try some for yourself. You may just find a new love.☺️

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