The Proper Way to Burn Candles

The Proper Way to Burn Candles

A home that is filled with fragrance is welcoming as it is relaxing and calming. This is the reason why scented candles are often lit and placed around significant areas of the house, to spread their homey scents.

And while most people think that all they need to do is to simply spark up the fire and light the wick for their entire space to be enveloped by the candles’ aroma, in reality, there are several tips that should be followed to ensure a longer lasting candles.

Problems Associated with Improper Lighting of Candles

If candles are lit  improperly, it can shorten its “life” span. But that's not all. There are yet other problems that can stem from not following proper lighting instructions.

  • The creation of memory rings and tunneling, which are results of the candles burning for less than the required amount of time in order to melt or liquefy the entire top part of the wax. Tunneling will result the uneven burning the next time the candle is lit.
  • The formation of soot around the candle’s glass jar is another thing that candle lovers should take note of. This can be the result of improper wick trimming, accumulation of debris in the candle, or even poorly made candles. 
  • Production of dark smoke in the air is also related to improper trimming and poor candle maintenance.

Burning candles properly does not require rocket science, however, it does require a bit of mindfulness as to how these your candles are kept, maintained and burned.


How To Properly Burn Candles by Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats


Let the candle burn for the required amount of time

From the time it is first lit, the candle should burn long enough to create a wax pool up to the edge of the canister or glass jar. The recommended time for this is one hour.

Since the wax has the ability to acquire a specific shape when heated and cooled, it is important to make sure that the top part of the wax has melted all the way through. This will prevent tunneling and the creation of memory rings; as well as give you even burning in the future.


Time your candles well

Don't exceed the 4 hour suggested burn limit or burning the same candle several times within the day. This can result in the wick forming a mushroomed wick or wick with a bulky tip. Mushrooming wicks can lead to the production of dark smoke and soot because the wick absorbs more wax than it can burn off. This causes a carbon build up.



Keep the candles clean and the wicks trimmed

Candles can accumulate dust over time which can get in the way of proper burning and of course the release of scents. These can be cleaned using soft brushes, but one trick is to wrap your lidless candle in pantyhose or stockings to keep them dust proof. Just make sure that the flames have all burned out before doing this.

When trimming the wicks, keep those wicks about 1/4 inch during each burn and after a 4 hour burn. This will prevent the tips from bulging up and creating mushroom-like tops.

Avoid Drafts

Of course, candles should always be burned where there is proper air circulation. A draft can cause an unstable flame and candle tunneling due to uneven burning.

Scented candles can create the best ambiance, and with proper care and candle burning practices, they'll last longer and burn better.


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