4 Easy Fall Decor Trends You'll Value this Year

4 Easy Fall Decor Trends You'll Value this Year

Four Easy Fall Decor Trends in 2016

It’s getting closer. In just 9 days, it'll technically being fall, and that means it’s time to start getting those homes in gear (if you haven’t already). So what are the home décor trends for fall 2016? Well, according to what HGTV, Elle Décor, as well as some of the top fragrance companies, we're looking at some really easy to implement ways to add some trend to our fall decor, and frugal too! Here's what they have to say:

  1. Neutrals are in. You can’t go wrong with these, but now try adding a bit of texture, like fur, chenille, or wood, and you have a striking neutral display that you’ll want to curl up and get cozy in.
  2. Curated Looks Rock. Display what you love. Pull out the art that you didn’t think went with anything and use its colors to bring out those neutrals that you have, or go completely eclectic and mix and match your designs and colors to create something fabulous!
  3. Stand Out From the Ordinary. Yes, one of a kind is in! Shop for one of a kind, neutral pieces, that you love that have sweet handmade detail, for a contemporary flair. Etsy is awesome for that! (Don't forget to stop by and give us a shout out while you're visiting.)
  4. Light and Airy, Earthy and Sweet. Fragrance is a huge part of home décor and, for 2016, go for the fresh air and crisp apple scents, aromas of maple and praline, woods and patchouli, and beautiful effervescent scents.

Now don’t go and skimp on the pumpkin pie. Not only is it a classic that never goes out of style, it’s only around once a year. Why deprive yourself? (Okay, I was more or less speaking to myself with that last statement.)

So what do you think? These trends aren’t just classic, they’re a bit of eclectic and also very easy to incorporate into your home. Remember, add that touch of you

What will you be using to decorate your home for fall?



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