Amazing Ways to Get Lavishly Fragrant Homes Using Incense

Incense has dominated the scent and fragrance scene for hundreds of years with its long and interesting history. This is an ancient genre of fragrance emission, diffusing an aromatic overflow in the air. In the modern world, incense envelopes your home with fragrances that entice and stimulate your sense of smell. It gives your home its own personality and creates an ambiance of serenity and calm. Now you can have incense in unlimited fragrance varieties, including our favorite, bakery scents. Bakery scents just keep getting better with the ability to diffuse them in so many ways. It's amazing how stand alone fragrance options can be used in so many different ways. I talk about how to use stand alone candles in my post, here. However, in this post, I'm going to talk, specifically about the ways incense serves as a form of stand alone fragrance and how it can be used in your home decor. 


How to use incense for home fragrance?

Proper incense burning is the key to maximizing the features of this ancient source of fragrance where it is lit. The true aroma of incense, particularly its contents of resins, sacred wood, and other ingredients is diffused in the air using the right tools. However, without the proper incense burning tools, its aromatic prowess could never properly disperse.


Here are some of the different methods on how you can use incense to enjoy fragrant and pleasantly aromatic homes:


  • Censers – These are containers were incense is safely and properly burned. There are different types of censers made from varied materials such as sea shell, ceramic dish or pot, and other ornate vessels or work of art. High quality censers have a top wide opening for proper air circulation. The right censer is made from fire-resistant materials with aesthetically attractive appearance. Bronze, stone, brass, and ceramic are the most common materials used to make censers.
  • Candle Burner – Modern candle burners are crafted with design and handmade features. This is a remarkable material used for burning and heating resin incense. Incense users usually put the incense inside the foil and place it on the stone bowl of the burner. The foiled incense burns well with proper heat and is easier to clean.
  • Electric Incense Burner – One of the more advanced ways of burning incense for home fragrance is with the use of an electric burner. Most users prefer this method because it diffuses incense scents with lesser smoke. Incense enthusiasts recommend this burning method because it cleanly and consistently burns the incense given the perfect temperature.
  • Resin Incense Burner – This type is a special censer which is usually a brass vessel with a top-layer screen. The charcoal disk is placed on the screen. The uniformity of the burning is due to the position of the coil where there is proper airflow.
  • Incense Sticks – Probably one of the most common ways to use incense to add aroma to your home is through using incense sticks. This simple and straightforward method only requires you to burn the incense sticks and place it on a safe standalone container. The aroma is diffused in the air as the stick is burned.



Choose from a wide range of incense scents that are perfect for the type of ambiance you want to have in your home. Lavender, jasmine, cedar, sandalwood, eucalyptus, cinnamon, rose, and vanilla are just few of the most popular scents. The best thing is that incense scents have their unique effects from calming to soothing sensations. Enjoy great smelling homes with the magical aromas only incense can offer.

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