Bakery Scented Oils: 10 Simple Tricks for Your Home

Using Bakery Scented Oils in your home is much simpler than you may think. Oils with scents like Cinnamon Bun or Buttercream are a perfect way to sweeten every room in your house. Using a traditional, scented oil warmer is far from the only way to make these gorgeous fragrances part of your life.

Here are my top ten tricks for using Bakery Aroma Oils in the home.


  1. Open your dresser drawers and tuck a small, oil-dipped swatch of fabric (cotton is best) between your sweaters and lingerie. If you place the fabric in a small Tupperware or Ziploc container, and pierce the lid, the fragrance of your choice (I like the idea of a Chocolate Lover's Garden!), will scent your clothes without damaging them.
  2. Get rid of household cleaner smells by adding a few drops of oil to a dust cloth. This can be used on treated wood, glazed tile or granite surfaces without damaging them.
  3. In your bathroom, tuck a fragranced paper towel inside the corner of your tissue box. Every time a tissue is removed, a sweet scent will come with it!
  4. If you use a humidifier, either for every day, or only when someone in your home is ill, adding a few drops of scented oil in Cinnamon Stick or Fresh Ginger scent will make everyone feel better!
  5. Dampen a small swatch of cotton fabric and add a few drops of sweet smelling oil. This can be tossed in the dryer in place of expensive and wasteful dryer sheets.
  6. Intensify your sweetheart’s desire by misting the boudoir with his/her favorite treat. A few drops of Rich Vanilla Scented Oil added to a squirt bottle of warm water are a guaranteed aphrodisiac.
  7. Rub a few drops of oil onto an unscented bar of soap before use. Choose a different Bakery Scent every time!
  8. Storage areas and garages are super spots for sweet fragrances. Place a small ceramic dish with just a few drops of our bakery candle scented oil in discreet corners of these oft-forgotten spaces, and enjoy the pleasant surprise.
  9. No time to bake? No problem. A pot of simmering water with just a drop or two of Peach Pie Oil creates the homey and yummy effect of baking, without all the trouble.
  10. Shoes! Add a few drops of Birthday Cake or Cotton Candy Fragranced Oil to tissues and tuck them into the toes of your shoes!

Using aroma oils in bakery scents throughout your home is simple and fun. According to the LA Times, it's not uncommon, these days, to find tea and coffee scents in your more recent perfume creations. However, create your own tricks for sweetening every room in your house.


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