What We Do With Our Toilet Paper

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Crafting with wax can be completely addicting. So much so that you'll find yourself dipping anything in wax. I'm serious. When I ran out of bears to dip, it was only right for me to start looking around the house to find something new (and more exciting) to dip. The bear thing was okay, but when I dunked my first roll of toilet paper, it was waaay more exciting! 

So, what's with the toilet paper you ask? Well, it's only that you can make wax dipped toilet paper into so many different creations (including bakery candle types) that you'd never know that it's toilet paper. Dipped TP is aesthetically charming, and can be customized to pretty much any theme for any room of the house. Not to mention, they smell fantastic and they last ages. My dipped paper ornaments have lasted up to a year!

The reality is that sometimes our kitchens (and other spaces) need a boost in appearance or scent. Stylish home design depends upon refreshing the look of your space with singular accents that suit your personal aesthetic, and even the best homemakers have to contend with unpleasant smells. Toilet paper dipped in wax makes a unique and charming decoration with a purpose. We use Scented Wax Dipped Toilet Paper Rolls to design our customers their own one of a kind decorative arrangement that adds a burst of delightful fragrance to their space. With all of the stylish inspiration out there, there is a roll of wax dipped tissue to match, and a matching fragrance to suit all senses. 




You can see (above) our Wax Dipped Toilet Paper Cake in Buttercream Scent is an inspired decorative element. With the appearance of a richly frosted cake, topped with a pretty cluster of wax-dipped roses, this item will look charming nestled between small wrapped gifts, or featured as a centerpiece on your buffet table. Just make sure your guests don’t bite into this super-realistic goodie! The long lasting fragrance is easy to revive by lightly warming the roll with a blow dryer, filling your kitchen with a fragrance of your choice.


One toilet paper design that we added to our line is the  Buttermilk Pancakes Stack Air Freshener. This fun and surprising kitchen accent smells and looks delicious. Dripping with ‘maple syrup’, and topped with softly melting pats of rich yellow ‘butter’. This was dipped and then hand designed to give the stack a layered look. You could easily place the stack on your counter next to a bowl of fresh oranges and create the feeling of a delicious country breakfast every day of the week! Give yourself the gift of delicate fragrances filling your kitchen. Choose vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, or one of dozens of other scent choices for your own unique, eye-catching, and fragrant display.

One of the hottest products in home fragrance trends, Scented Dipped Toilet Paper Rolls also make the perfect hostess or birthday gift for those special people in your life. 

Here’s a Dipped Toilet Paper idea for the holiday season. Make a traditional Yule Log Centerpiece by covering the scented wax dipped roll with colored wax paper in dark or variegated brown. Scents like chocolate or buttercream will work beautifully for this craft. Next, make a swirl of white buttercream on top of your log with a hard setting craft glue or paste. Set your log in a small ring of Christmas holly. This charming and practical decoration is inexpensive to make, and gives off a delightful scent. It would also make a wonderful hostess gift.


Remember, scenting your home with fragrance doesn’t have to be expensive or boring! A decorative roll of Wax Dipped Toilet Paper as a home accent is fun to display, and share with friends. That's what we do with our toilet paper. 




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