The Many Faces of Jar Candles and Why You Should Never Burn Them to the End

Candles are no longer just a bit of fire, bringing light upon a room, but they have become a symbol of fragrance as well as a means of home improvement. Jar scented candles have become so popular because of their ability to bring warmth and scent to an atmosphere.

When melted, a candle scented in a jar can emit a fragrance that can change an ordinary room into a cozy environment, instantly enhances a mood, and brings back fond memories.

Candle displays come in a variety of scents and colors to suit personal style and décor or to make you hungry.

Candles in jars are also, now, very stylish, making their debut in interior decorative models such as the hurricane, in classic styles, like the apothecary, and with a modern flair, such as the status and cube jars.

Maybe you’re a bit more traditional? Well, there are the old standby mason and jelly jars that will never grow old. These stylish jars filled with your choice of scented wax are available in small to large sizes to accommodate just about any size room, and they will fit into virtually every style of décor.


Back to school- quilts, blackout curtains, furniture protectors


Candles in designed jars make excellent new home gifts, thank you gifts, or just a gift for no occasion at all. On special occasions, try using candles as a decoration for parties, weddings or small gatherings that will enhance the ambiance, and an elegant flair. Romance isn’t the only thing candles can be used for, but if that occasion arises, flowers and candles make a very special pair, and a ton of jar votive candles would add that special charm to make a romantic evening extra special.

So now that I’ve sparked your thoughts on how candles can be used in your décor, let’s get into the different types of jarred candles there are. 


Different Types of Jar Candles

As I mentioned, scented candle jars now come in so many different styles that there are an abundance of shapes, sizes, colors, fragrance and materials, and holidays are the time you’ll see them make their most grand appearance. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays bring displays of pumpkin, peppermint, gingerbread, cranberries, cinnamon crunch, and apple pie. You can also delve into the more earthy seasonal fragrances, such as blue spruce, pine cones, holly and berries, juniper breeze, and so many more. Don’t forget the bakery candles in jars, making their appearances in chocolate chip cookies, black cherry bomb and birthday cakes. Spring brings florals, fresh cut grass, bubble gum, tangy lemon, clean breezes, and strawberries, while summer bursts with melons, sweet peas, blackberries, and sun tan lotion.


Jar candles are no longer just made of one wax. Today’s candles are made from vegetable oil, paraffin, beeswax, palm wax, and other materials. Each option may even reflect a different price tag.

I won’t get into a grand explanation of all of the wax materials, soy I’ll talk about the most widely used, paraffin wax candles, which are made of petroleum and the most popular, and also the least expensive, choice. They’re quick to manufacture and easy to make.

However, some people prefer gel candles, which are made from mineral oil, and give the ability to create translucent candles with embedded objects, scented or unscented, decorative, or burnable. Gel candles are only found in jars due to their soft texture, and they make exquisite, stylish, and often expensive, candles.

That brings me to soy candles, the popular choice for a more natural scented candle. Soy candles are long lasting, less sooty and notably have more overall benefits when burning, high scent is among one of those benefits. I love soy for candles simply because of its clean burn, and when making them, they don't emit the stench that the petroleum and mineral waxes do. I talk a little more about the good and bad about soy wax here.



Pros & Cons

If you’re using your candle strictly for the purpose of decoration and never intend to burn it, you will likely never have to worry about the container that the glass is in. As a quick note, you should only burn a candle that is in heat proof glass. More decorative candles in thinner glass jars should not be burned so that it doesn’t cause a glass explosion. Glass used in making candles should be strong enough to withhold heat, such as canning (Mason) jars.  You may want to do your own due diligence and always make sure to check your candle container glass very well. Never burn a candle that has cracks or nicks in it, since that is an indication of a weakened jar that will be more prone to shattering.

Jar candles allow you to create a pleasantly scented atmosphere in an inexpensive manner, while keeping your décor chic. No need to worry about the appearance of partially melted pillars when you choose the jar styles. Odd shaped, partially melted pillar candles can leave you with a less than attractive display, but that is completely not the case with stylish jars. It doesn’t matter how much you burn a container candle, their stylish jars will always look great! It's important that every candle enthusiast understand that no matter how much you want to burn your sylish candle to the very bottom of the jar, it's completely unsafe.

Fragrance & Lasting

Choose fragrances that suit each space in your home. For example buy spicy fragrances for bedrooms. Floral scents would be perfect for bathrooms, and citrus and bakery scents will suit the kitchen. Get a conception on what scents should be used in different rooms. Change fragrances when the season changes to keep things fresh and exciting. This way, you won’t get bored with one scent. Experiment and try new jar scents, and find scents that create fond memories, such as candies, birthday cakes, and Grandma’s kitchen. Try different fragrances like jasmine, lavender for driving away stress, anxiety or depression. Also mix scents to create variety to environment.


Caramelized Crimson Pear Candle


Jar scented candles can add a plus point to your home’s beauty and, at the same time, it can also give you a relaxed feeling at home after a busy day. They make the perfect showpiece, environment setter and also occasional decoration tool. Use them to add glamour by using accessories like shades, sleeves, trays and holders to enhance their look. Have one when you are out for traveling and make your hotel feel like home away from home. These are just a few ideas. The fact is that candles are very versatile, and can be enjoyed for many reasons, during any season, and anywhere.

Are you looking for a specific type of jar to accent your candles or create a beautiful centerpiece? Try one of my favorite jar resources here.



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