12 Super Valuable Ways to Use Fake Food You Never Thought Of

12 Super Valuable Ways to Use Fake Food You Never Thought Of

12 Super Valuable Ways You Never Thought Of to Use Fake Food

Hey, everyone! Hope your week is going well. 

As a creator of fake foods, I’m often asked lots of questions about how our fake food creations work and how they’re used. I’ll get questions like, “Can you burn those fake pies,” or “Do they spoil?” I’ve even had a few people do some very interesting things with our designs that either have, made me smile (because it just means we nailed it that time) or shriek (because people can be kind of scary with fake food).

I had a potential customer contact me because she was going to have a few ladies over for tea. She loved the look of the fake apple pie design and wanted to use one as a table decoration for her upcoming tea party. Well, some of the questions she asked me were if my farmhouse fake pies were plastic and how well they were made. After I answered all of her questions, the customer finally decided to place her order. Fast forward to when she received it. Okay, so she received the pie in the mail, she placed it on the table, right where she wanted to display it for her party. Then, she left her home to run a few errands for her gathering. No kidding. As soon as she left, her husband tried to dig into that pie! He couldn’t quite get into it because it was sort of hard to, but it took him a bit (and quite some damage to the pie) before he realized it was fake.

So, there are really a lot of questions (and interesting stories) that come up about these fake goodies that we create. We even get, “Is it real?” “How long will my pie last,” or “Is it safe to put this up for the next season?” Yet, the question I’m asked more than any is, “How, exactly, do I use your fake food?” Since this is the most frequently asked question, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you “12 Super Valuable Ways to Use Fake Food You Never Thought Of.”

I came up with that title because when I've made suggestions to people about how to use these cool, realistic foods, most of them have said, "I never thought of that!" Now, I'd like to share all of these amazing ways with you.

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