10 of the Easiest and Most Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

10 of the Easiest and Most Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

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Valentine’s Day has become predictable. Flower bouquets, slightly expensive jewelry, Russell Stover chocolate, and massive teddy bears are all wiped off the shelves of Walmarts and Targets the night before.

If you’re dating a girl, be honest with yourself--she already knows you’re getting her one of those. If you’re dating a guy, well, chances are you’ve already gotten him a watch twice before. You’re most likely stuck with choosing something that meets stereotype requirements and has his name engraved on it.

Maybe it’s time to shake things up.

You know the old saying: “Collect moments, not things.” Why not apply this to Valentine’s Day? Chances are, if your significant other, or SO, bought you a gift two years ago, you’ve likely forgotten what it was. But suppose they’d taken you on a carriage ride through the plaza. That wouldn’t be a memory lost anytime soon!

So make this Valentine’s Day about the experience. Both of you will enjoy your time together, and besides, more quality time leads to a deeper relationship.

The best part about this idea is that the price tag doesn’t apply. Your SO won’t care if you spent five dollars or fifty; they’ll just be happy to live in the moment with you!

With that in mind, here’s a few ideas to get you started. Some are expensive, some are cheap, and all of them are unique. Maybe you could even do two or three in one night!

Slow dance at home by candlelight.

Don’t even bother turning the lights on--let the candles do the work for you! This one is perfect for a low budget. Six tealight candles usually only cost a dollar or two, and YouTube has a lyric video for any romantic song you can think of.

Watch the sunset together over wine and chocolate.

If you don’t want to brave the cold, get in your car and drive to the nearest park with an overlook, settle in, and enjoy the view together.

Practice and perform a romantic song together.

Maybe your love story fits perfectly into Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s “Everything has Changed.” Sing it together! If one of you plays guitar or another instrument, all the better. Most romantic songs have an easy chord progression to follow and are designed to be easily sung. You can be a published vocal artist or tune deaf for this one; if you’re doing it together, you’ll love the moment all the same!

Split a milkshake.

Our culture has been missing out on this one for a few decades! What is more romantic than splitting something sweet with your sweetheart?

Or, split a piece of cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory.

If you can’t move past the old-fashioned feel of milkshakes, you can dress up with your partner and go to The Cheesecake Factory or someplace similar. Splitting a piece of cheesecake is affordable, and you’ll find it might too filling for both of you to finish!

Enjoy your favorite quiet activity with candles. 

This one shows that you know the specifics of what your partner enjoys. If he’s an avid reader, how about a book-scented candle? If she loves cupcakes, give her a beautiful set of cupcake candles along with a few delectable gourmet cupcakes. She'll enjoy a treat now and later! And while we’re talking candles….



Have a candle-lit massage night at home.

This would be a good fit for more intimate couples, and pairs well with the slow dance idea. All you’ll need to pick up are some candles and a bottle of massage oils or unscented lotion.

Make reservations at a jazz club.

The dimmed lights, soft instrumentals, and candlelit tables make for a romantic evening out. Most jazz clubs serve drinks only, which cuts out your cost without cutting out the fun.

Re-create the best dates you’ve had together.

If your SO is into sentimentality, this one's for you. Did you first meet at a coffee shop? Was your first kiss on the bridge overlooking the river at night? Choose your most significant dates and recreate them with your partner. This is the perfect way to celebrate a relationship.

Take the nearest weekend and go on a road trip.

If you’re looking to go all-out this Valentine’s Day, take your partner to their favorite town nearby. Maybe they’ve been dying to go camping in the mountains; maybe their favorite city is only thirty miles away. No need to plan--just get in the car and drive! You’ll find your weekend is much more enjoyable unplanned.

Choosing a Valentine’s moment over a Valentine’s gift will undoubtedly make the day more memorable for you and your special someone. Take the time out to celebrate your partner, celebrate your relationship, and enjoy their presence this Valentine’s Day.

What are your favorite romantic ideas for Valentine's Day. Share them in the comments below, and join us in  our exclusive VIP club for more ideas, giveaways and tons of bakery candle love.


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