Why Not Add a Little Awesome to the Party?

Why Not Add a Little Awesome to the Party?

Why Not Add a Little Awesome to the Party?

Hi, everyone. It’s Fantastic Friday, once again. I hope your week has been stupendous. Weekends are a time when many of us do things that we can't get done during the week, like throw our parties. Heck, the work week is so busy with…well…work. Who throws a party during the week? Who comes to a party during the week, right? Now while I've regrettably allowed my family parties to become quite simple over the years, I have to tell you, I love a nice themed party.

Themed parties are exciting. They’re not just your typical cake and ice cream, party streamers and balloons. Themed parties are like walking into an era, a zone, a different dimension because the party is a captivating reflection of a story, genre or event that’s being conveyed. Themed parties are (the heralding trumpet plays)…the coolest ever!

So, what does a theme look like and why is it the coolest ever? Haha! There’s only one thing to do here. That’s to show you. Now, keep in mind that what you’re about to see is mostly décor and food for themed parties, but in my line of business, I’m always thinking. And my thoughts always lead me back to how I can replace the food with candles. (I sooo need a vacation.) So I’m going to share some of my favorite party themes with you. 

While I’ve created a whole lot of cupcake candles for themed parties, this one makes me super excited. It’s an Ice Cream Cupcake Shop Party! Oh, how much you could do with that theme. The colors could vary, and you could even make it a circus party with bolder colors. The way this one was done would also do well with a Chic color scheme, and I love how the color scheme falls perfectly in line with the trends of color for this year.



Here's another:

This one was my next favorite. Le chic, I tell you! This was a recreation that I would never have thought of, but I absolutely loved it! The little treat bags gave me a lot of thoughts, and if you added some take home cupcake candle favors, it would have just been the perfect favor to keep people thinking about that party even longer.

Themed parties make an impression and are a great way to add a bit of awesome to a party. They’re fun, exciting, and easy to put together with a little imagination. If you’re challenged with coming up with ideas for your themed party, here are a few of my favorite places to stalk (and, yes, I was stalking, which is whole reason why I’m here talking to you about themed parties in the first place). I’m definitely shooting for a themed party when we have our next family birthday. What about you?


Catch My Party

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