Which Cupcake Are You?

Which Cupcake Are You?

When it comes to cupcakes, do you find yourself going basic, like strawberry, chocolate or vanilla or do you crave a little something more creative like a crème brûlée toffee crunch?

In the fun of our new product reveal coming up this Friday, we baked loads of cupcakes with home made chocolate and our Great Mother of Buttercream Frosting.

cupcakes on tray set on table with vase and flowers

I topped these with a variety of toppings we keep stocked. It's amazing how good these things are with a nice cup of coffee. (This self quarantine is not helping in the eating department at all.)

So cupcakes in hand, we thought it would be fun to share a cute quiz that tells what cupcake matches your personality. My personality is what I hoped, chocolate! The questions made me judge myself a little, but in such a fun way.

Pink Pin It Button

pink and white cupcakes in flatlay

Try it for yourself and share what kind of cupcake you are in the comments and what you think about the results. Then pin it so others can try.

And don't forget to stop by on Friday to peek at our new reveal in the shop. We'll be having a week of fun to celebrate as well as some giftaways. Mark your calender.

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