Where to Get the Most Unique Autumn Decor on the Block

Fall is right around the corner, and ideas for new autumn decor ideas are popping. The great thing is we just added some of the most unique handcrafted autumn decor to the shop to create some amazing tablescapes.

If you haven't already checked out A Taste of Grandma's House, you'll love the assortment of fake baked goodies we've crafted.


Fake Baked Desserts by Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats

We've carefully designed each piece of this collection to look just like something you'd want to dig into. Imagine an alluring autumn dessert buffet tablescape, or an inviting slice of pie plated and set on the kitchen counter coupled with a lush bouquet of greenery and beautiful orange flowers.

Autumn Table Display With Pumpkins and Desserts

Maybe you prefer the look of whole pies with earth's beautiful pine cones, intertwined with brightly colored pumpkins or gourds. (Photo compliments of Pinterest.)

Our newest Primitive additions bring a unique element of interest to old farmhouse and prim decor. Rotten pumpkins, black crows, and cleverly designed rotten apples that make the perfect accents for the season.

Primitve pumpkin and crow potpourri and candle decorations

Rotten Apple Basket

So stop by the shop and take a look at some of our most interesting fake baked and primitive autumn delights. We think you'll absolutely fall in love.


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