Top 25 Ideas For Beautiful Faux Food Decorating

Top 25 Ideas For Beautiful Faux Food Decorating

Many of our viewers and new friends have eyed our faux foods and wondered exactly how they would style them or what they could do with them. Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration, so I've rounded up 25 of my most favorite ways that our faux food has been styled.

These aren't in any order from best to worse because, honestly, they're all fantastic!
Faux Cake on table with red roses
Instagram @toni_marianna
Faux cake with lemons and flowers
Instagram @thepickledrose
faux cakes with pumpkins and greenery
Instagram @thefunkgypsy
Lemon cake with greenery and terracotta pots in front of chalk board
Instagram @thecuratedfarmhouse
faux cake with pink books
Instagram @suburbancrunchygirl
faux cake centerpiece on dining table with white dishes
Instagram @simplyminedesigns
faux cake on kitchen table with antique gold candelabra chandelier hanging over
Faux cake with slice out on white cake stand with large vase of daisies
Instagram  @redesignedspace
Pink Faux cake on wooden counter below wooden floating shelves
Instagram @nicholnaranjo
Cake on counter in kitchen with red flowers
 Instagram @maplecreekmarket
cake on wooden island top with stove in background
 Instagram @littlesuburbanfarm
faux cake with white pumpkins and pink flowers surrounding
 Instagram @homeonfernhill
faux cake with pink dahlia and greenery and pink glowing candle in front
 Instagram @homeinspirationlulu
faux cake with pink flowers on patio table with white tea set
Instagram @happydaysfarm
buffalo check decor with faux lemon cake on counter
 Instagram @farmtotablecreations
faux lemon cake on rustic metal cake stand with lemons surrounding
Instagram @downshihlohroad
Fall faux cake with orange flowers and cream pumpkins beside
 Instagram @thecuratedfarmhouse
faux cake with orange flowers and greenery on kitchen counter with wooden boards on wall behind
 Instagram @cnsdesigns
faux bread on counter top of kitchen with floating wooden shelves in background
Instagram @charlotteshappyhome
faux cake in kitchen beside sink with wreath in window
Instagram @bridgewaydesigns
faux apple pie on counter beside mixer with hand towels
Instagram @thepickledrose
Faux apple pie on counter with a vase of sunflowers
Instagram @maplecreekmarket
faux cake with orange flowers on kitchen island

Instagram @haverstrawhill

Check out our complete line of faux foods in the shop to give your space a sweet touch. How will you style your faux food?

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