Timely Tips To Add Brilliant Pops of Spring Color to Your Table With Beauty Straight From the Garden

Timely Tips To Add Brilliant Pops of Spring Color to Your Table With Beauty Straight From the Garden

Despite temperatures that continue to dip below zero and patches of snow that refuse to melt, Spring is right around the corner. March continues to get closer, and those red poinsettias that grace your foyer no longer feel quite so appropriate. 

So to preempt the inevitable yearning for Spring, if it hasn’t begun already, stop focusing on the bare trees outdoors, and shift your focus inside.  When it comes to indoor floral arrangements, a little goes a long way. 

So in the spirit of a Springy transition, here are some tips to get you and your home ready to welcome the Spring season in style.  

Lilac bouquet on white table

Before you start to embark on your journey to the grocery store, your local market, or any other floral supplier, let’s begin to think about Spring staples.  From lilacs and hydrangeas to tulips and daffodils, this season embraces vibrant colors and subtly, sweet scents. I’m a personal advocate of dramatic lilacs in the like of this arrangement from JoJoTastic.com.  Their dark details and rich shades of purple posit them as the perfect floral transition from a season lacking in color to one of newborn brilliance.  

Whichever hues or petals tickle your fancy, don’t be afraid to create bouquets of your own imagination.  No longer do you need to be resigned to the grocery stores’ creations.  When curating a bouquet of your own, there are three things to keep in mind: color, shape, and size.  

From pinks and purples to blues and yellows, most colors fit spring’s floral portfolio.  The blend of pinks, reds, and yellows is a popular color scheme that captures the effervescent energy of Spring.  Take this arrangement of roses, carnations, and asters as an example. Hot pinks, dusty oranges, and variations of red combine warm tones together to revitalize your tabletop.   

Muted flower bouquet

If you’re looking for a less vibrant approach to the color wheel, you can curate a sweet and dainty bouquet with the likes of white camellias, wallflowers, pink roses, and eucalyptus. This amalgamation of muted pinks, whites, and greens is a reminder of rosy cheeks and gentle kisses. It's a perfect bouquet for February.

Colorful bouquet of poppies and bright flowers


If you’re going for a rather bold and eclectic arrangement, mix and match poppies, daffodils, and hyacinths.  The unique cylindrical shape of the hyacinth in tandem with the dimensional depth of the poppy diversifies the dynamism of the bouquet as a whole.  Paired with a sheer blue vase, this stunning palette of blues, yellows, and reds from HouseBeautiful only seem that much brighter as a result.  

For those not so into to the dense bouquet, there are a vast array of arrangements that satisfy any minimalist. Not only do sparse bouquets bring a subtle pop of color to your space, it also allows you to play with vase shapes. Some familiar favorites to capture that unadorned look are Cala Lillies, amaryllis, baby’s breath, carnations, and any other long stemmed flower. 

While, yes, flowers are the showstoppers of any bouquet, you can dress up your floral arrangements with colorful vases and interesting shapes.  From opaque ceramics to traditional glass, your vase not only serves as a home for your flowers, it also helps highlight their color and shape.  I like to compare this technique to that of a girl who refuses to wear any color that doesn’t make her blue eyes pop.

allium flower arrangement in purple


I love how this simple arrangement from MidwestLiving makes use of a beaker instead of your more traditional glass shapes.  Other creative interpretations of the traditional vase are pitchers, mason jars, watering cans, or even teapots for plants that have shorter stems. 

This arrangement from MoreWithLessToday plays with colorful tea cups and plates that enhance the petals’ pigments.  

So as we finally come face to face with the back-nine of the winter season, we can at least find some solace in knowing that spring is on our horizon at last.  In the meantime, however, we can take refuge in the beautiful arrangements that embellish the indoor spaces we’re resigned to spend most of our time in.

Don’t fret though. Soon enough, our gardens will be just as colorful as our bouquets. 

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