Santa's Secret Revealed - Oh! And Another Giveaway

Santa's Secret Revealed - Oh! And Another Giveaway

Happy Monday, everyone! 

So we've been cooking up stuff as we prep for Mrs. Claus' Christmas Kitchen display this weekend, and there are so many cool things we have coming up for you.

First, keep your eyes open, because while our current giveaway closes on Friday, we also have a giveaway that will start on Wednesday right on our Facebook page.

Are you having fun yet?!


gift secret santa by everything dawn bakery candles


So on to Santa's Secret.

We're giving away random gifts to a few customers over the next month. To qualify for the Santa's Secret drawings, the following must apply:

1. be a customer or have become one by November 27, 2017 with a minimum $50 purchase overall. (Perfect time to rack up on gifts under $20)

2. be a VIP member

If these already apply, then you're already on the list for the drawings. We'll be doing these drawings once or twice a week until 12/18, and while they won't be announced, some super awesome customer will find an unexpected gift in their mailbox. Sweet huh?

Another Note...

If you'd like to catch us live on Facebook at the show where we're displaying Mrs. Claus' Christmas Kitchen, we're planning to go live at 11 am

VIP members will be getting the scoop on what's happening during the upcoming week, and there are some surprises we have in store.


Our biggest giveaway yet (for customers only), and the reveal for that Black Pieday big prize will happen on Wednesday via the VIP email list.

Stay posted to find out about more cool upcoming events. Are you having fun yet? Because I'm going nuts over here!

Comment with your thoughts.

UPDATE*** A New Giveaway is here!

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