A Week Of Contests and Giveaways You'll Absolutely Love

A Week Of Contests and Giveaways You'll Absolutely Love

It’s that time, everyone! Soon Christmas will be coming to Everything Dawn Bakery Candle Treats, and we are SUPER excited about it!

It’s been a really crazy journey as we’ve been creating many Fakery™ treats for you to gift and enjoy during the holiday season.

This season we’re focusing on bringing out the child at heart.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter, this week and next, for contests and giveaways. There will be specific instructions, about where and when you'll be able to enter our contests. 


You'll have to be attentive. 

The contests will vary and will appear in random places. You have to pay attention so that you won't miss them.

We’ll be having a bit of fun over there that you may not want to miss! So, check Facebook on Friday morning because that's where the fun begins!

So this week…it’s all about the fun.

See you there!

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