A Summer Filled With Memories

A Summer Filled With Memories

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Hi everyone! Summer's here and in full swing, so this hot season, we brought out the cool, the patriotic, and the nostalgic. 

When I was a child, I'd look forward to those occasions we'd take a trip to the ice cream shop for sundaes. The sundae dish would be over stuffed with ice cream and drizzled, sweet syrups that would spill over the sides of the dish, making a huge, but sweet, mess. So I'd take my fingers and wipe off the sides just so that I could lick that sweet syrup off my fingers. I didn't want to waste a drop! So the sundae candles are a bit of a nostalgic thing for me because they remind me so much of that time.

The patriotic theme was something that was inspired by the election year, and I couldn't quite decide whether to go with a "Make America Great Again," pie or a the mound of blueberries on a hill. Okay, so pun was intended in that, but, really, the flag pie was inspired by the election year, but pie with the mound of blueberries was originally created for Sarah Bareilles' Broadway hit, "Waitress the Musical." It was loved so much that we made another for the musical performance at the Tony Awards. So, I thought, all things considered, it would make a great addition to our summer line. More memories, right?

I could go on with each of the hand designed creations we've brought you this summer, but instead, I'd rather leave you to think about how you can use any of these selections for your own memories. How can these creations inspire memories for you?

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