Happy Earth Day Sales

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Today's the day when everyone takes a moment to reflect on the importance of keeping the earth. That means, recycling, no littering, tree hugging, and planting stuff. However, there's more to Earth Day than just those things. There are all kinds of sales to help you to save money while you're focusing on your earth friendly efforts. Also, really quickly, a note that some of the links you'll find in this post are affiliate links.

So what kind of sales can we all look forward to on this lovely Earth Day? According to an article in the Huff Post, there are 17 deals and discounts you can look forward to today, and USA today has a short video (below) announcing a few other companies who are sharing their love for the earth. 

There are also free organic milkshakes at Evos, free wildflower seeds from Burt's Bees, and "The Four Seasons," an interactive children's storybook, at Amazon all for FREE! Not to mention, my favorite place to have a latte. Starbucks is filling up those tumblers again for free! Stop by with your tumbler and get a coffee (not a latte). 

Save up to 30% on Drinkware! Great items under $25! No code needed. While supplies last. 


So there you have it. Discounts and freebies are all available until the end of this lovely Earth Day. You may be wondering, "What are you guys doing for Earth Day?" Well, unfortunately, we won't be hugging trees, but we are having 20% off our soy wax shots today.  Just use code EARTHDAY20.

Don't know much about Earth Day? Check here. 

Meanwhile, watch this video for more savings, and don't forget to do something earth friendly. :) 


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