This Week's Popular Pick - Float on This!

This Week's Popular Pick - Float on This!

Vanilla Cola Float

Vanilla Cola Float Candles

Each time we create a candle, we try to create something really special that onlookers will completely fall in love with. This Vanilla Cola Float candle has yet to fail, with 60% of our online shop visitors giving it a thumbs up.

One of the reasons this is one of our most popular candles with our customers is not so much that it looks and smells like that great combo of rich, creamy vanilla and bubbly cola, but it burns strong and oh so long! Seriously, this 22 ounce cup of yum burns over 320 hours. This has been our most popular pick this week while it continues to rank as one of our best sellers in the shop.

Many buyers have used these to give away as gifts, making them a perfect choice for any season. 

Love deliciously vanilla scented products? Try Henri Bendel's Vanilla Bean candle here, or Thymes, five star rated, Vanilla Ambrette hand cream. I'm off to grab some myself. Until next week!





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