Top 10 Amazing Winter Bakery Candle Scents

Get Your Home Winter Ready With These Top 10 Amazing Winter Bakery Candle Scents

Looking for ways to freshen up the look of your home during the winter season? With just a few touches, home décor can be nicely spruced up, and scented candles are a perfect way get in tune with the best of the season. Since we tend to spend the winter holidays, and the months following, at home, it is only right for us to really take time to choose the right scents, accents and decorations that will uplift us while we’re hibernating.

10 Must Have Winter Bakery Candle Scents

While there is nothing wrong with the use of generic scented candles such as those with floral and fruity smells, your winter season definitely calls for something more delicious, festive, warm and homey. In fact, a supply of the perfect winter bakery scented candles can make any home a delightful place to visit and relax!  Now, with so many smells or aromas associated with this season, it is quite confusing and sometimes, even challenging to choose which ones to go with. Sooo…here are 10 of the most popular scents that you should include on your list:

  1. Orange and Cinnamon – cinnamon is and will always be part of both Fall and Winter, a cinnamon aroma work best with citrus, creating a whole new scent profile that makes people feel warm and cozy inside! And you have to admit, any baked treat that contains cinnamon and sugar is perfect for awakening your senses and triggering those warm winter feelings in the midst of the brisk weather.
  2. Sugar Cookies – this scent reminds people of their favorite Christmas or holiday cookie treats growing up. Its sweet smells are both mouthwatering and heart-warming at the same time.
  3. Maple or Maple Butter Scotch – maple brings that feeling of nostalgia especially since this scent and flavor are closely associated and widely used during the fall and winter seasons. From your favorite maple glazed baked donuts, maple butter scotch bars or blondies and even your pancakes, this flavor and scent will surely work best for you and your home.
  4. Mint and Mocha – whether it is for your cup of coffee, hot chocolate or for your cupcakes, cookies and chocolate barks, mint and mocha is a marriage made in heaven. These two flavors when combined, screams winter, for sure.
  5. Toffee – this scent gives that feeling of warmth during those cold winter days and nights. It reminds us of that sticky toffee pudding which has just been taken out of the oven!
  6. Pumpkin Pie – Fall and Winter wouldn’t be complete without a serving of pumpkin pie. Considered to be the most traditional out of all scents and bakery flavors, this spiced up treat will most certainly make your home smell and feel comfy and welcoming throughout the entire winter season!
  7. Gingerbread Cookies – Let’s face it, gingerbread is technically a Christmas or winter icon – which means that your season will not be perfect without the scent of freshly baked, all spiced up, gingerbread cookies, cakes or cupcakes! However, fragrances of gingerbread aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Aromas of buttery gingerbread, iced gingerbread cookies, gingerbread cupcakes, and the like, are heavenly additions to any winter fragrance collection.
  8. Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie – Believe it or not, this combo brings the best of Southern comfort in your home during those chilly winter months. The fruity and tangy flavors of strawberries, plus the sugary sweetness of caramelized rhubarbs will turn any space in your home or office into a place that smells like any Southern bell’s kitchen!
  9. Pecan Pie – Now this scent will definitely make anyone who takes whiff of it, hungry and craving for that slice of warm pie topped with vanilla ice cream! This is perfect for winter and any time of the year, so be sure to stock up on this scent to last you for months.
  10. Iced Lemon Squares – the richness of buttercream with subtle hints of lemon and notes of sweet vanilla create the perfect scent that ushers the winter months in your home.

Different scents and flavor profiles represent different seasons and occasions – and this is especially evident in your choice of winter bakery scents for your candles. Don’t get left behind! Choose the scented candles that make you feel more at home, peaceful, relaxed and festive at the same time.


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