5 Valentine's Day Sweets You'll Want to Share Now

5 Valentine's Day Sweets You'll Want to Share Now

Hey everyone! It’s already the middle of January, and officially 30 days until Valentine’s Day. That means it’s time for another cool product release.

Our newest Valentine’s Day collection was designed to be cute and expressive, giving just about anyone the right words to say without having to really say them.


Here's What Sparked the Products

It was really a thought that was sparked by the little gift cards that children give in their classrooms. Those little Valentine’s Day cards are so cute and some of the messages are really funny. Pair them with the heart shaped candies that have those little sayings on them, and you’ve got a sweet little gift that almost anyone can relate to. Sure there are other candy cards, but no candy says Happy Valentine’s Day like those little hearts. Those are things that almost anyone could relate to.

To update the concept a bit, we used some of the things people say now and created aromas that we thought would express those sayings. From that we came up with a collection that made a really sweet statement and got a bit of a laugh too.

So we formally introduce to you the For Real(s) Love Collection.

For Reals Valentine's Day Collection by Everything Dawn Bakery Candles


So there they are! Oh, and each one of has its own tag labeled with the scent (message) so the cupake's message is clear.

And now for the sweetest part of all.

One special reader will win two of these cutie cakes. To enter for the win, just comment below with your most favorite thing about our new cupcake candle line. For an added bonus, pin the pic and tag @everythingdawn in your post. A winner will be selected on 1/19 and announced right here on Monday's post.

Enjoy your day, and don't forget to stop by and see the newbies.

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