How to Create an Autumn Leaves Scent

How to Create an Autumn Leaves Scent?

How do you make your room exude with a smell that spells out autumn or fall? When autumn or fall is in the air, everyone gets an invigorated feeling while they smell the numerous fragrances that come from woods and falling leaves. However, you need not to go out of your home all the time especially when you want to enjoy those sweet and invigorating smells coming from nature. Is there a way by which you can have those autumn leaves, flowers and wood scents stay inside your room so you will never have to go out and feel cold in the outdoors?

Create Your Own Autumn Leaves Scent

An effective way to enjoy lingering autumn leaves scents inside your home is to have them infused in candles. As of the present days, thousands and thousands of homes make use of scented candles to enhance the ambiance of a particular room. Whether or not there is an occasion to celebrate, lighting scented candles proves to be very effective in creating an ambiance that is simply delightful, inviting, welcoming and invigorating. By creating your own combination of autumn fragrances, you will be able to make your home smelling great, with the type of autumn fragrances that you surely love and enjoy.


Lemon, Lime, Blackberries and Orange

These are fragrances that offer a fruity scent. You can either choose to have a single scent out of the aforementioned fruits or simply combine them all to give you a unique fragrance that will stay inside your home. Combine the fragrance oil of these fruits and for sure, you will be able to come up with something that you will definitely love – a kind of scented candle that gives you an autumn smell anytime of the day.

Carnation, Rose and Muguet

Sweet is the smell of these flowers and they simply offer a great sense of feeling once you inhale their sweet fragrances. You can actually collect the smell of these flowers and infused them to your candle to give you that sweet and invigorating floral scent that also spells out the fall season. You can have a carnation, muguet or rose-scented candle but you can also have a combination of the three to give that unique and inviting smell you will definitely love.


Pine, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Eucalyptus Leaves

The autumn woods scents are a standout when it comes to fall or autumn scents. And as far as wood scents are concerned, we cannot deny the fact that a variety of these can be obtained out there. The fragrance oil collected from these woods and leaves are the main ingredients that you can use to infuse autumn leaves and wood scents in candles. You can choose to use them individually for every candle or combine them to give that great scent that will always remind you of the autumn season.


There are many different kinds of scent combinations for your autumn leaves. Search online to learn about these fragrances and scented candles that will absolutely make your home smell like autumn whenever you want to!

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