The Scent of Apple: Bringing the Fragrance of Autumn in Your Home

Recreating that feel of autumn and even adding some warmth in your home during the cold winter months is not just about your home furnishings and decor. It is also about making your space smell like freshly baked pies and fruits. These scents offer a really comforting ambiance to whatever type of space that you would like to focus or improve on.


A lot of people are turning every area in their home, office or work space into a place that is cozy, warm, soothing and yet full of life. And from amazingly handcrafted rustic pieces of furniture to creative and unique wall decors, you will be able to make sure that your home and its rooms, such as your living room, family room and even bedroom will be all set for the fall or winter season. But these major additions to your place can be very costly, especially if you intend to redecorate or give your space a complete overhaul. And just as you are about to give up due to your really tight budget, you get that glimpse of hope that you will be able to successfully create that perfect homey ambiance through small and really fragrant scented candles – to be more specific, hot apple pie scented fake pies and candles!

Fake Apple Pie Scented

Why Use Apple Scented Candles?

Scented candles are known to be really beneficial not just in terms of serving as additional light sources. As a matter of fact, there are several reasons to consider, why you should be using scented candles at home or you work space.

  • Aromatherapy – candles are really therapeutic; the scent of lit candles, particularly those hot apple pie scented candles helps bring calmness to the mind and body. The scent of spiced apples also has been noted to help the body relax and aids in the lowering and the stabilizing of blood pressure.
  • Improves Memory and Receptiveness – the smell of apples helps make people more alert and more receptive to receiving and learning new information. It has been tested and proven that this fruity and spicy type of fragrance helps your mind, as well as your body connect to you “happy place” making your feel prepared to remember things better. It also helps you focus more on the present.
  • A Great Way to Express Your Personality – using a bakery scents, such as that of spiced apple or apple pie, gives a comforting aura.


The Makings of Apple Scented Candles                       

This really therapeutic and warm scent does not just consist of fruity tinges of apples which have been freshly picked from the orchard. Warm apple pie or apple spiced scents are usually made up of the scent of sweet and juicy red apples, brown sugar or maple, butter, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and even cloves. When lit, apple (pie) scented candles will make an entire room or space smell like freshly baked apple pies in all its sweet, buttery and cinnamon-spiced goodness.

Along with the above mentioned scented oils, the candles usually come in a reddish brown hue which is composed of a combination of red and burgundy liquid of wax colors.

The warm scent of apples can definitely turn a dull and really cold room into a space filled with light, warmth and calmness – perfect for the cold winter months and the chilly autumn season.


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