4 Easy Ways To Get Better Lasting Scented Candles

4 Easy Ways To Get Better Lasting Scented Candles

4 Easy Ways To Get Better Lasting Scented Candles

Holiday vibes are in the air, and candle lovers are grabbing the scents they love most at this time of year. Freshly cut spruce and invigorating juniper, bittersweet cranberries and sprinkles of refreshing candy cane, rich vanilla sugar cookies baking alongside of simmering deep, dark chocolaty cocoa are wafting through the atmosphere. 

While you've got those beautiful fragrances uplifting your space and evoking sweet memories, you'll want to make sure you keep your candles in optimal performance mode to get the most of your burn.

Candle lovers are realizing that simply picking up candles, sniffing them, and popping them into their cart isn't the surefire way to get a good candle. In 2017, we've been equipping more candle lovers with candle buying knowledge that help them to enjoy a solid candle burning experience with every candle.

So while you're getting candle cozy, here are a few things to keep in mind to keep your candles giving you optimal fragrance. 

4 Easy Ways To Get Better Lasting Scented Candles post by Everything Dawn Bakery Candles

Make sure your wicks stay trimmed.

Keep wicks to 1/4 inch at all times. If you see the flame getting larger, it's time to trim again. Larger flames burn off fragrance faster, causing you to lose more scent at a faster rate.

Keep your candle wax pool free from debris.

Make sure you don't have any of the cut wick pieces or other elements floating around in the melted wax pool of your candle. These things can spark fires that could spread out of control.

Keep your candle out of drafts.

Drafts make your candle flame dance because it's getting too much oxygen (ahem...another way to end up with a candle fire and burn off too much fragrance at once). If you see your flame bouncing around and not maintaining a steady flicker, you should move it to a draft free place or blow it out.

Stay away from cheap candles.

Cheaply made candles are usually poorly made candles. They're going to either lack quality material or quality workmanship, which can result in candles that lose scent faster (among other things).

We, at Everything Dawn, want to keep giving you the scoop on how to get the most from the candles you buy. The ultimate goal of buying candles is for you to enjoy them, and no matter where they come from, we want you to have a great candle experience -- that means listening to your questions and concerns so that we can keep giving you info to help you get more out of the candles you love. 

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4 Easy Ways To Get Better Lasting Scented Candles Get Quality Candles Now

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