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Today marks the very first day of our 'No Love Handles Giveaway.' Why no love handles? Well, because bakery candles don't give you love handles. You can enjoy them as much as you want, and you'll never gain a pound. If you think they'll make you want to eat, haha, think again. Research shows that smelling the foods you love may just cause you to not want those foods. You can read more about that in my post on bakery candle scents.

With all that having been said, we're going to be giving away the most delicious smelling apple pie candle. While this pie is only about 5", the pie we're giving away is a larger version of this pie with five wicks, and I'll tell you that this is one of our best selling scents.


Apple Pie Candle Giveaway


To enter, just head over to our giveaway click the link below.

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Winners will be randomly selected on 8/28 and announced on our Facebook page on August 31st. Enter once a day and you could win our best selling pie candle! 

Are you a fan of bakery scents? Comment below to tell us what your favorite fall bakery scent is.


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14 comentarios

Cinnamon is my favorite fall scent.


My favorite fall bakery scent is pumpkin pie.


My absolute favorite fall smell is Apples! I love anything with apple in it.

Amy Orvin



My absolute favorite fall smell is cinnamon! It makes the house feel warm and cozy

Joanne Willey

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