Why So Many People Are Raving About Wax Dipped Bears (And You Will Too)

Wax dipped bears are becoming popular in the scent department. More and more creative ideas are coming out, especially when it comes to scents and diffusing a space or room with quality and long-lasting room fresheners. You have other options such as scented candles or plugged in fragrance diffusers. However, wax covered bears are more fun and definitely a longer lasting option.

The Features of Wax Dipped Bears

There are numerous perks and features that a wax dipped teddy bear has to offer. It helps to know more about a wax covered bear’s different features and the benefits you can enjoy if you prefer wax covered bears than other options you have in the market.




Teddy bears are universal representations of cuteness and cuddliness. Teddies are perennially loved. Both the young and young at heart are attracted to teddy bears, even have a collection of them. Take your fascination with bears to the next level with their wax dipped variants. Wax covered bears are decorative and could boost the aroma of the space where it is used as accessory. Just take a look at the one above. This little guy is sooo adorable, and he diffuses a wonderful apple pie fragrance as he accents the room.


Just like ordinary teddy bears, scented wax covered teddies also come in various shapes and designs. You can find scruffy bears, polished bears, and even bears with themes or are inspirational. You can accentuate your home with top quality, attractive bears depending on your theme and design preferences. Hey, but don't stop with just bears. With your imagination, you can dip just about any critter that you get your hands on, including ducks, bunnies, turtles, and so much more.


The primary feature of a wax dipped bear is that they're scented and used to diffuse the air with numerous scents of your choice. Different wax covered teddies have their corresponding scents from citrus to floral to oriental fragrances. The best thing about dipped wax teddy bears is that it could keep your room fragrant for a longer period of time. Fragrance lingers depending on the size of the bear and the concentration of the perfume.




There are handcrafted and commercially produced wax covered teddy bears, which could be used over and over again in terms of diffusing perfumes. Some items come with a perfume enhancer or you can simply use the low setting of a hair dryer to gently refresh the fragrance.

Why choose wax dipped bears?

This decorative item could be used in many venues and occasions including the following:

Gift Items

Wax covered scented teddy bears are also remarkable, unique gift items ideal for all types of occasions. You can give these scented and decorative teddies to your family, friends, and loved ones on Christmas, New Year, and other special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and so much more.

Home and Business Establishments

Accessorize your home with the scented and wax covered teddies. There are numerous business establishments that have also discovered the multipurpose features of this decorative and scented item. You not only boost the aesthetics with these visually appealing items, but also fill your room with mood-enhancing, wonderful scents.

Wax dipped bears are the best accessories for a wide range of venues. These items are more than just eye-catching ornaments. They are great perfume and room deodorizing alternatives with a fascinating twist.

Want to try dipping a few small bears, yourself? Look here for easy instructions.


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