13 Unique Easter Basket Ideas That Will Excite Adults

13 Unique Easter Basket Ideas That Will Excite Adults

Easter is just around the corner, but have you got any ideas what to put in your Easter Baskets this year? For kids, a basket full of chocolates usually does the trick, or a traditional egg hunt to make  Easter memorable to them. But if you’re planning on giving Easter baskets to adults, you might need to get a little creative this year.

Look no further because we’ve come up with 13 of some the most creative Easter baskets ideas that your friends and family will surely love.

So on to it!

  • 1. 

  • Beauty Easter Basket

  • First on the list is designed for women. It is undeniably true that women love receiving useful gifts, so a Beauty Easter basket is something the beauty product lover would completely adore you for. For a creative beauty gift basket, put together beauty products like trendy lipsticks, a makeup kit, a facial moisturizer, a hair accessory, and maybe a pocket mirror. Put these beauty products in a cosmetic bag with a personalized, embroidered name if you like. Voila! You have your beauty Easter basket that will make any beauty lover swoon.

    make up collection

    Photocredit: http://reviewsimpact.com/lakme-products-list-with-price


    2. Healthy Treats Easter Basket

    If your friends are promoting healthy living, giving them sweets is not a good idea. Instead, fill their Easter basket with healthy treats. Let dried fruits and nuts replace the sugary treats. Opt for a vegan carrot cake or cupcake for a little healthy indulgence. A bunny plush toy is a great addition too! Use a woven basket for healthy treats Easter basket.


    3. Wine Easter Basket

    Okay, this one is definitely for adults. Put together your recommended wine variety that you want your friends to try, or maybe shop for their favorite wine instead. Wine will always be a great gift idea for the person who likes an occasional glass. Arrange the bottle of wine and a pair of wine glasses in a wooden crate for a creative wine Easter basket.

    Wine gift basket for Easter

    Photocredit: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/wine-gift-baskets/?lp=true


    4. Buddy Easter Basket

    This one’s for the boys. Fill the basket with a few manly gifts for your husband or SO (significant other)  and his friends to enjoy. Add some of his most favorite snacks and games. Beers, playing cards, popcorn or chips. For guys who love beer, try a specialty or local brewery known for their fresh wares. Oh, did we forget to say include beers? You can be a little more creative by putting bunny ears on the beers. To make them look like, what else, bunny beers! We are sure the guys will find them very fitting for the occasion!


    5. Spa Treat Easter Basket

    You can give a spa gift card or you can put together spa treats for home instead. Fill your Easter basket with spring scented body scrubs, face masks, lotion and, don’t forget, a scented candle for a complete home spa treatment. You can also include a robe or a towel in your spa basket.

    spa gift basket for easter

    Photocredit: https://nancy-c.com/2017/03/20/spa-spring-gift-basket/


    6. Coffee Lover’s Easter Basket

    Pack together a bag of some delicious coffee (something good, guys, not that cheap store brand stuff), a personalized coffee mug, a cute coaster and a best seller book. These items in a basket make the perfect Easter gift for any coffee (or book) lover. For a more creative coffee basket, you can put together coffee blends from a specialty shop and compliment that with a coffee mug with either the the name of the coffee shop or a monogrammed one.

    *Note to self...do that for a self gift.*

    coffee gift basket

    Photocredit: https://www.turkishcoffeeworld.com/Turkish-Coffee-Basket-with-Coffee-and-Delight-p/tcw-bskfd.htm


    7. Candle Easter Basket

    Oh, this will definitely be a favorite on the list. Fill your candle Easter basket with the best spring scented candles. You can also shop for bunny-shaped, egg-shaped and cupcake scented candles. Add a cute match or lighter in your basket.



    Photo credit: Everything Dawn Bakery Candles Sweet Tooth Candle Gift Basket


    8. Book Lover Certified Easter Basket

    For your bookworm friends, what else to give but books! Check out best-sellers on Amazon, (Abe Books - also Amazon), other sites or look for book sale. You can add a bunny-shaped bookmark and a bookish candles alongside  a cupcake scented candle to create a perfect book marathon feel.


    9. Restless Feet Easter Basket

    If your giftee loves to travel, a restless feet Easter basket is the best Easter basket for them. Shop for a one-of-a-kind luggage tag, a cute, unique shaped luggage tag, maybe. Include traveler essentials like a journal, a pen, a neck pillow, a face-mask, earphones, tumbler and a book. You can also include some snacks too! Pack the travel essentials in a weekender to get a super creative Easter basket.


    10. Sweets Easter Basket

    Who said sweets Easter baskets are just for kids? Of course, adults will surely love a bunch of truffles on Easter. Look for sweets in cute packaging, like an Easter egg truffles for instance. A chocolate sampler box with different variety of sweets will also do.

    Photocredit: Everything Dawn Bakery Candles Tower of Sweets Gift Boxes


    11. Baker’s Easter Basket

    This Easter basket is intended for friends who love to bake. Fill your baker’s Easter basket with baking essentials like assorted cupcake wrappers, a cute whisk, plastic measuring spoons, baking pans, a recipe book and an apron. Adding a cupcake scented candle for this basket is also a great idea, since they make for great baking inspiration!


    12. Green Thumb Easter Basket

    Adults will surely love this one, especially those with a green thumb! Fill a pail or a flower pot with grower seeds, gardening kit and a book. A year after, on your next Easter celebration, check how your friend have grown the seeds you gave.


    13. Easter Mason Jar

    Forget the basket! For an extra creative Easter basket, use a mason jar instead. You can fill this with anything you want. Put sweets if you like. Small candles, like cupcake candles would be cute in a mason jar surrounded by paper shreds and book of matches or a cute lighter. Gifts in mason jars are surely very attractive.

    Easter Basket In a Mason Jar

    photocredit: http://www.uncommondesignsonline.com/10-easter-mason-jar-ideas/

    This year, celebrate your Easter with lots of fun and creativity. Don’t hesitate to deviate from the usual. Feel free to experiment and try out new things. These creative Easter baskets will definitely add more fun in your gift giving. Make this one of the most memorable Easter celebration with friends and families.

    Whatever you plan to give always keep in mind the real reason why we celebrate the Easter. While a simple gift would be much appreciated, celebrating Easter and sharing your time is really the best gift you can give.

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