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Top 10 Amazing Winter Bakery Candle Scents

Get Your Home Winter Ready With These Top 10 Amazing Winter Bakery Candle Scents Looking for ways to freshen up the look of your home during the winter season? With just a few touches, home décor can be nicely spruced up, and scented candles are a perfect way get in tune with the best of the season. Since we tend to spend the winter holidays, and the months following, at home, it is only right for us to really take time to choose the right scents, accents and decorations that will uplift us while we’re hibernating. 10 Must Have Winter Bakery Candle Scents While there is nothing wrong with the use of generic scented candles such as those with floral and fruity...

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Finding the Fantastic - A Fragrance for Every Season

There's something special about each and every season that we can grasp hold of and remember. Even if we favor one season over another, there's likely something that you'll love about one of the others that will bring fond memories or kindle warm feelings. Likewise, there are fantastic scents for each and every season, spring, summer, fall, and winter, at least one of which can recreate memories of those same wonderful things you love most about the seasons of the year. In my community, the arrival of spring is a welcome relief after four, and sometimes five months of shoveling driveways and scraping frosty windshields. It’s a welcomed season because the garden goes in and the BBQ comes out. But whether...

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