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Yes, You Absolutely Can Recycle Scent? See How!

When you think about what it means to recycling scent, what do you think about?  Maybe using leftover wax, or you may think of those big fragrance gadgets that you often see in public restrooms that puff bursts of fragrance into the air. Maybe you may think about the refillable cartridges that you place in your little Glade or Air Wick electrical thingy. Well, that’s not at all uncommon because those are the most widely marketed methods of proposed scent recycling available. I don’t really consider most of these ways of recycling at all. Here’s why: For an item to be recyclable, it has to actually convert something that would be wasted into a reusable product. According to the EPA, a...

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Flat Rate Shipping and Our Next Giveaway!

Happy Friday, everyone. It's been a week of wax melts for us as we've geared up our new line of super scented shots for our online shops and our local booths. We've been really working to deliver these and make them smell extra delicious for you.  That brings me to announce our next giveaway. We decided to give away 20 pieces of these very super scented wax shots to one special winner. If you're interested in learning about how you can be that special winner, you can go here.    We're also happy to announce flat rate shipping, for those of you who haven't seen that yet. Shipping on our website will be $8.95 for all orders up to $50...

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Don't Toss It! What to Do with your Leftover Wax

Just When You Thought Your Leftover Candle Wax Was Useless... Leftover candle waxes are still reusable and recyclable. In fact, there are so many interesting things you can create with the use of these seemingly worthless materials. All you need is a little creativity and time to start your leftover wax project. Not only can you use leftover wax for wax melts, you can discover great activities for creative and useful things.   Top Tips for Leftover Wax Leftover candle waxes have varied uses depending on your needs and creativity. Take a look at some of the most recommended ways on how to make use of leftover waxes and discover unique gift ideas. Photo courtesy of SocialMoms.com Personalized Potpourri This is...

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