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Finding Your Candle Personality - Uncovering Your True Fragrance Style - Part 2

It's time, again, to get back to the topic of uncovering your true fragrance style, and this is part two. If you haven't read part one, feel free to go back to that post to get caught up a bit. If you've caught up to this point, well then let's get going to the next part in this series designed to help you to discover what you really love in a scent and how to pick scents out online without smelling them. So, essentially, in the world of candle scents, there are basic (or traditional) scents that are used to build upon to make those fantastically complex fragrances we've come to love. These blends are, really, the start of great fragrances that...

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Simple Talk - Uncovering Your True Fragrance Style Series

When I walk into a candle shop, which I do on occasion (just to do my routine stay in the loop with manufactured candle brands), it can be overwhelming to see (and smell) all of the scents available. Sometimes I don't know where to even begin. I may be drawn to the newer scents that pop up at the beginning of every season, but I quickly find myself distracted by the scents that tend to be my all time favorites. That got me thinking about how we all have scents that we like, but then there's those fabulous fragrances that we seem to be completely drawn to It's sort of like that perfect pair of shoes or that cute top...

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