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Discovering Complexity of Candle Aromas and How They're Beyond A Simple Scent

Did you know that your preferred fragrance can give a glimpse into your personality? It's true. Fragrance can give little hints about you. Aroma can be very simple or complex, and it can also uncover your personal fragrance style.  Candle fragrances are usually blends of multiple layers of aroma that intermingle with one another to give one total experience. Often, we pop open a lid, take a whiff and make a decision about whether or not we like a candle aroma. Unfortunately, this isn't quite fair to our senses. But... During the covid quarantine, we lost the opportunity to walk into a store and smell candles. We had to read product descriptions and our collective senses to imagine the aromas....

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Finding Your True Bakery Candle Joy

  The Holiday Season is fast approaching, which means a smaller window of time left to make or buy gifts for your friends and loved ones. So, when it comes to choosing the perfect holiday presents to give away, it is important to make sure that whatever gift you're getting or making will appeal to the unique tastes (and interests) of the person receiving the gift. Scented candles make a pretty cool, standby choice when you want something easy, cute, and appealing to the senses.That's likely why the candle industry sells more candles during the holidays than during any other period during the year! Hey, and I’m not talking about just the floral scented candles that you can pick up in your...

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Uncut Fragrance Oils in Scented Candles

Scented candles with uncut fragrance are all the rave among candle makers and candle lovers alike. Also referred to as perfume oil, scented oil, or aroma oil. These oils are a balanced blend of synthetic aroma compounds that have variations in their molecular structure to change their scent. The question is, what does it mean when these aroma compounds are advertised as 'uncut,' and what does it mean when fragrances are cut. Find out here.

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