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How To Create The Most Amazing Tea Room Kitchen

The season of chestnuts roasting on an open fire is near gone so it's time to prep for spring in style. We’ve been talking a lot about staging your home to suit your own personal style and how to create those easy focal points.   Today, in light of all that we've previously tackled, it’s all about sprucing up the heart of the home in spring dream.   Now, I happen to love a well put together tea party. I love the elegance of having tea, the flowers, fresh aromatics, bright colors and cute little teapots. So the idea of turning the kitchen into a garden just sings spring for me.   Today, I have some easy ideas to get...

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Why Not Add a Little Awesome to the Party?

Hi, everyone. It’s Fantastic Friday, once again. I hope your week has been stupendous. Weekends are a time when many of us do things that we can't get done during the week, like throw our parties. Heck, the work week is so busy with…well…work. Who throws a party during the week? Who comes to a party during the week, right? Now while I've regrettably allowed my family parties to become quite simple over the years, I have to tell you, I love a nice themed party. Themed parties are exciting. They’re not just your typical cake and ice cream, party streamers and balloons. Themed parties are like walking into an era, a zone, a different dimension because the party is a captivating reflection...

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