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How To Easy Banana Muffins

If you've tried my recipe for not so basic muffin mix, you already know it's easy to just pull it out of the cabinet and whip up some pretty dang good muffins. Today I'm sharing a little variation to that recipe to make banana crumble muffins. Banana crumble is just a little something my taste buds came up with on a whim, but the result was ah-mazing! It's so easy to make these that you'll want to use these for a quick breakfast or as a snack. Once I mixed the dry and wet ingredients together, I mashed up a large banana (about a cup) alongside a half cup of nuts (more if you like your muffins really nutty) and...

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Bakery Candles and Autumn in the Air

Brown leaves curling in a crackling fire, a waft of hot apple cider, and of course perfect pumpkins! Fall fragrances are everywhere!   The delicious tastes and scent of the fall season have become so popular that I can buy a ‘pumpkin spice’ you-name-it on practically every street corner, but there’s a lot more to enjoy than just pumpkin. The consolation prize for attending my brother’s football practices was often the little paper bags of popcorn sold at the concession. What better way to warm little fingers? Pop a few Buttery Popcorn Wax Tart Candles Melts in your wax warmer to recreate those memories. As light faded from the sky earlier every evening, Mom had to come up with tempting...

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