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Valentine Chocolate Raspberry Mascarpone Cupcakes

Playing around with some ideas for delish Valentine’s Day treats sparked a little creativity with chocolate cake. A friend of mine was talking about her incredible raspberry bars, but because raspberries are out of season in Maryland, she used strawberries. (You can check it out here.) So it gave me an idea to create these chocolate cupcakes and add a raspberry filling, but I couldn’t just stop there. It had to be raspberry mascarpone because simply raspberry filling would have just been to basic right?   While at the store, what do I find? Raspberries of course. But since I’d already determined in my mind that I’d be using an alternative, I decided to stick with the plan. However, if...

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10 of the Easiest and Most Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day has become predictable. Flower bouquets, slightly expensive jewelry, Russell Stover chocolate, and massive teddy bears are all wiped off the shelves of Walmarts and Targets the night before. If you’re dating a girl, be honest with yourself--she already knows you’re getting her one of those. If you’re dating a guy, well, chances are you’ve already gotten him a watch twice before. You’re most likely stuck with choosing something that meets stereotype requirements and has his name engraved on it. Maybe it’s time to shake things up. You know the old saying: “Collect moments, not things.” Why not apply this to Valentine’s Day? Chances are, if your significant other, or SO, bought you a gift two years ago, you’ve...

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Celebrating With Foor's Fantastic Cupcakes

Hey everyone! It's Friday, and I'm so excited to be able to share some "real" food with you today. We had the pleasure of celebrating a birthday recently, and I asked a friend of mine to make some cupcakes to help with the celebration. As I encourage my girls to be creative in the kitchen, we usually do the baking for birthdays ourselves. But this past holiday season, I had the pleasure of vending right next to a wonderful cupcake vendor, and we quickly hit it off. With our season of birthdays approaching and (my issue of limited time) with all of the pies we've had to create for an upcoming broadway play, I quickly ran to Michelle to see if she...

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