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Why Burning Candles Properly Affects Your Experience

It's that time of year when we're all lighting our favorite fall candles. But not all candles give you the best burn experience. It's true. Some candles won't throw well, while others seem to give us tremendous kick. Well there's good news. Some of the blame is how we actually burn our candles, and today I'm sharing some tips to help you get a better burn experience. I'm burning a Colonial Candle Pumpkin Shortbread double wick candle as my example. This candle has a strong scent throw with a rich base of vanilla. So that simply means that when it's burned off the top notes (pumpkin and sweet cinnamon sugar) and the middle notes (caramely aromas with some senses of creme...

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Exploding Candles: The Why, How, And What to Look Out For

Exploding Candles: The Why, How, And What to Look Out For Ever wonder what makes candles explode, or why candle fires spread like a wildfire? Have you ever considered not buying candles again because of the fear of a candle explosion? Candles, especially scented and decorative, have aesthetic value in many homes and businesses. They’re beautiful and aromatic elements that enhance and accentuate your space. Candles, such as aromatherapy for example, can even be therapeutic. But, despite the vastly remarkable features of today’s candles, there is usually an inevitable downside. Today, I want to talk a little about one of those "alleged" downsides: how and why candles can explode and what to look out so that you can prevent them...

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